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Metformin: An Oral Antidiabetic Medication

About Metformin: Metformin is a drug from the class of biguanides. Phenformin was the first drug developed in this class of drugs. However, due to multiple incidents of lactic acidosis, this drug was withdrawn. Metformin is the congener of Phenformin which has a much lower incidence of this adverse effect, and has thus found widespread use in the treatment of type 2 DM. Patients with type 2 DM develop resistance to the action of insulin. Initially there is increased insulin secretion from the pancreas to overcome this resistance and this is the mechanism of action of Sulfonylureas, another class of anti-diabetic drugs. Metformin acts by reversing this resistance to insulin, and also by decreasing glucose production in the body. It also acts on peripheral glucose receptors to increase insulin mediated glucose uptake and glucose utilization in these tissues. All these actions contribute to the blood glucose lowering effect of Metformin. Since it does not act on the pancreatic ? cells to stimulate insulin secretion, the propensity to cause hypoglycaemia is low.

How Metformin Works: Metformin acts on the liver to decrease gluconeogenesis. The liver is constantly using other sources such as fat and protein to prepare glucose for utilization in the body. Metformin prevents this action. It acts on the muscle and adipose tissue to increase the glucose uptake in these cells. These cells in the body have an insulin dependent glucose uptake mechanism. Metformin increases this glucose uptake and decreases blood glucose levels. Metformin also acts to uncouple the mitochondrial respiratory chain. This prevents oxidative phosphorylation which is the primary mechanism of ATP production n the cell and promotes anaerobic glycolysis to increase the consumption of glucose. Metformin also decreases the absorption of glucose from the intestine, though this is a comparatively minor action of Metformin. Since many patients suffering from type 2 DM are also obese, Metformin has an advantage that it favourably affects the lipid profile.

How To Take Metformin: Buy Metformin No Prescription is an adjunctive medication to the lifestyle modifications including exercise and dietary control and changes that are required in the management of type 2 DM. Metformin No Prescription is one of the first line drugs used in this treatment. It is commonly prescribed with other anti-diabetic drugs such as the Sulfonylureas and Pioglitazones. Metformin Canada has a distinct advantage in that it is not known to cause hypoglycaemia, unlike the other classes of oral hypoglycaemic drugs.
Buy Metformin Canada is available as oral tablets in the strengths of 500 mg, 850 mg and 1000 mg. Metformin Without Prescription is effective when administered in a daily dose of 1500 mg/day. However, treatment is started with a lower dose and stepped up to this effective dose. The starting dose of Buy Metformin is 500 mg taken twice daily or 850 mg taken once a day, taken after meals. This dose is increased gradually in 2 weekly increments to 500 mg thrice daily or 850 mg twice daily. Generally this dosage regimen is effective in most patients. In case there is inadequate response, the dose may be increased to a maximum of 2550 mg/day, in divided doses through the day. It is of utmost importance to monitor glucose levels even though the propensity for hypoglycaemia is low.

Precautions And Side Effects Of Metformin: Metformin No Prescription should not be used in patients with diabetic ketoacidosis, with liver or kidney dysfunction, severe infection, alcoholics, patients with history of heart attacks in the recent past and those patients who are posted for surgery. Buy Metformin has the potential to cause lactic acidosis especially under situations of stress, illness and organ dysfunction.
Common side effects of Metformin over the counter are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal discomfort, metallic taste in the mouth, flatulence, asthenia, headache and indigestion. Serious and rare side effects of Buy Metformin Without Prescription are lactic acidosis, allergic skin reactions and vitamin b12 malabsorption and deficiency.

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